Pick 'n' Mix

Pick n'mix the healthy energy drink

Pick n 'mix is ​​for those who want to try something new. Or would like to find its taste. Here we offer both Pick n´mix Sneak, Pick n´mix G-fuel and Pick n´mix X shotz. You can simply try all the different brands and find your favorites. So instead of a taste we offer that you can mix a lot of different flavors and in slightly smaller quantities.

The right choice for gaming

For the whole idea is to replace sugar drinks with vitamins and water that you mix yourself in. There are two crucial health effects. You do not get the harmful sugar, but you instead the vitamins and amino acids that build up the body. The fluid balance and the sugar balance become stable and your body and your head will feel the difference from day one. It is both the right energy drink for E-sport and for the marathon runner or the footballer who needs the right nutrition for body and head.

The taste for your shaker

With pick n 'mix you get a gigantic selection. But if you can find around WoW and DOTA2, finding and selecting what you want to taste will be no big deal. Maybe you should try it all. So here is the opportunity to get all the way around. At Sneak you will find, for example, Blue Raspberry, Strawberry melon and their very own magic form Stealth. It just has to taste. At X shotz you can try Sakurafuri, Hyperbeast and Zomberry. Finally, try your luck at G-fuel. Here the selection is huge, so here you will definitely find something for you. There is Blue Ice and snowcone. It is a mum for the avid gamer who in the past washed down a win with a slushice. Strawberry short and Lemonade are classics as well. But try your way wherever you go you will find the good taste with the healthy content. With us, it's just cheaper.
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