Copy of G FUEL - THE #GSQUAD Shaker

Copy of G FUEL - THE #GSQUAD Shaker
Copy of G FUEL - THE #GSQUAD Shaker
Product image 1Copy of G FUEL - THE #GSQUAD Shaker
Product image 2Copy of G FUEL - THE #GSQUAD Shaker

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Please note: The color of this shaker may vary slightly from the image depicted above. 

Blend in. But also make a statement. Stand out. But also be hard to see. Confused? Good! Because this is the “DIGI CAMO” Shaker - The epitome of G FUEL camouflage technology! A state-of-the-art cup meant to conceal your precious FUEL from your enemies! Secure yours today - If you can find it...

• 473 ml
• Vandtæt låg.
• Håndvask er rekommanderet. 
• Indeholder ikke BPA eller andre farlige giftstoffer.



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