X-Gamer - Salted Caramel (55g)

X-Gamer - Salted Caramel (55g)-x-bar-E-fuel.dk

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For 7 years X-Gamer been at the forefront of developing and delivering powder-based energy drinks to gamers.

XG-Bar™ is a delicious, balanced snack with the right ingredients to keep you going! High protein, low sugar, with a soft texture and great tasting flavour, we bring you all the benefits of a healthy bar, with none of the dry texture!

If you love the sweet flavour of caramel with just a pinch of salt, then our Salted Caramel is just the bar for you! Perfect to consume before, during or after gaming. Combine it with a chilled X-Gamer Energy Drink to really take the edge!

Milk protein, sweetener (maltitol syrup), chocolate (sweetener)(maltitol), cacao butter, whole milk powder, cacao mass, cacao powder, emulsifier (sunflower lecithin), aroma, oligofructose, glycerine, rapeseed oil, acao butter, protein crisp (soy protein isolate, cacao, tapioca starch), caco powder, salt, water, emulsifier (soy lecithin), aroma, sweetener (sucralose).


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